Teacher evaluation policies should reflect the purpose of helping all teachers improve and provide accurate and rich data to assist all teachers to develop throughout their career. The Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) (P.A. 96-0861) sets the stage for a process designed to ensure Illinois educators receive objective reviews, enhanced feedback, and support aimed at improving teaching and learning. These new reforms will be guided by PERA laws and regulations and implemented by local school districts. Each district PERA Joint Committee will be made up of equal numbers of district officials and teacher/union/association representatives in order to create their own evaluation system aligned to PERA laws and regulations, including performance-based evidence of teacher practice and the incorporation of data and indicators of student growth.


The purpose of this Illinois Teacher Evaluation and Development guidebook is to provide the information and support necessary so that each district will be able to design and implement a teacher evaluation system in every Illinois school district. The Joint Committees’ goals will be to discuss and develop a new evaluation system of teacher evaluation including ways to incorporate and use data and indicators of student growth as a significant factor in rating teacher performance into the district’s teacher evaluation system, and to support its effective implementation and use. This document, as well as other online resources provided by the ITED Project Team, will support the Joint Committees’ work in developing this system.

Team and Topics

The ITED Work Team is made up of members of the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT-AFT), Illinois Education Association (IEA-NEA), and the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC). They developed this online resource guide that includes important information about topics such as:

  • PERA 2010 (P.A. 96-0861) and SB7 (97-0008) summaries and context.
  • Illinois Administrative Code, Title 23—Part 50 regulations summaries and context.
  • Recommendations by the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC).
    • Guidelines for District PERA Joint Committees to establish collaborative decision-making structures and processes.
    • Model teacher evaluation plans and instructional frameworks.
    • Recommendations to guide and support the work of the PERA Joint Committees.
    • Timelines for PERA Joint Committees to prioritize their work.
    • Resources, templates and tools.

The Guidebook is divided into an introduction and five chapters. Some of the chapters are divided into multiple sections to address very complex issues.